Lisle 2016 Annual Meeting

The Lisle Annual Meeting will be held in Seattle Washington from September 23 – 25.

Lodging will be at HI Seattle at the American Hotel, 520 S King Street, Seattle Washington 98104, Phone 1 (206) 622-5443; Fax 1 (206) 299-4141.  The agenda is:

Lisle Annual Meeting 2015 (1936-2015; 79 years of Lisle)


 Seattle Public  Library, Mixing Chamber room, 1000 4th Ave
 in  Seattle, Washington
Saturday, September 24, 2016, 9:30 am
Annual Meeting !Wilkomen to all Lislers (here and far)!
Approve minutes of last years annual meeting (motion)
  • Presentation of Annual Meeting Reports
  • Election of Lisle Board class
  • Recognize local Lislers
  • visit and reflect on past units and our ongoing connections.
12:00 pm Special Presentation:  
Invited Judith Wise, Biography of Aunt Edna Baldwin Project
Lunch maybe brought in to the kitchen
3:00 pm or so Interaction with Community
6:30 pm Annual Awards Dinner and Presentation of the Annual Ligon Award
Gracious Hayner Family Hosts 
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / 
Sandwiched before and after the annual meeting is a

Lisle Board Meeting – September 23-25, 2016


Friday, September 23, 9:30 am (give or take a few conversations)

 Seattle Public  Library, Mixing Chamber room, 1000 4th Ave
1.      Welcome – *Make sure we have a Note Taker for Minutes*
2.      Review and approve minutes from Spring Board Meeting and the Virtual Meeting(s) (1-2 minutes)
3.      Reports:
a.           President (Bill – 3 minutes)
b.          Executive Director Report (see report distributed)(Mark – 4 minutes)
c.           Treasurer/ Financial Report (Mary/Barb – 5 minutes)
d.          Office Manager/Seed Grant Program Manager (Lindora – 10 minutes)
11:00 pm              Special Visitor: Database Discussion
Invited Visitor – Peter – Brainstrom on DB Project Goals and Options
Noon – LUNCH  —Lunch Break — continue discussion with Peter and others
4.      Seed Grants Committee (Anne) (Review report from Seed Grant Committee Prior to Meeting – ** Current Applicants should excuse themselves from this portion of the meeting)
i                      Seed Grant Review Committee Recommendations
                                               i.     Discussion
                                             ii.     Actions: Approvals… etc…
ii     Review Committee comments on review for web page
iii     Report(s) From Seed Grantees
              Reports received since last meeting
Reporting from members present?
iv.     Ongoing –  Project to review seed grant awards from past 10 years… Light discussion and recommendations for additional review next year.
5.     New Edition of Interaction (James – 5-10 minutes)
Discussion on Process and Draft from James
vi     Schedule for upcoming publication deadline, notes and contact information for future production
vii    Any additional Assignments, editing, plan going forward
Dinner Break —- Good Restaurant (Ivars?, etc..)  
ongoing discussions and informal or ad-hoc committee meetings
Adjourn meeting for Friday

 Lisle Annual Meeting 2015 — see agenda at top of page 


Lisle Board Meeting

Sunday, September 25, 2016, 9:30 am

Seattle International Hostel, 2nd floor lounge


Seed Grants/Board Meeting Revisited (continued).     Check in with everyone on individual commitments and assignment
h.     Ongoing discussion on Seed Grant Process
i.      Ongoing discussion on transitions in progress
9.     Old Business
10.     New Business
j.      Associate Board Member requests
k.     Committee Assignment review
l.      Items TBD…
Additional Seed Grant Committee Discussions (Anne)
Additional topics/Adjournment