Lisle is a Member Organization

Lisle started offering intercultural programs in 1936. Since then, Lislers have continued to be active in the organization. These interested people are the reason that Lisle is alive today. Lisle is incorporated in New York as a non-profit educational organization.

The business office is located in Leander Texas. The Lisle Board directs the activities of the organization. An Annual Meeting is held, usually in the fall. We work hard to make sure that there are many reasons why people become and stay active in the organization. Lisle willingly involves all individuals who are committed to creating a world in which all individuals are treated with respect and equality. All individuals who have participated in a Lisle event are considered Lislers unless they request to be removed. Others who are interested in the work of Lisle may request to be considered a Lisler. The directory currently includes approximately 1500 individuals, of which about 300 are from outside of the United States.

All Lislers receive the Lisle Interaction which gives them reports on current happenings and information about other Lislers. Lislers come to board and Annual Meetings, they participate in special visits and activities, and they generously contribute to the finances of the organization. The participation of Lislers is what makes the organization a vibrant contributor to global intercultural understanding. Lislers from the early units often join the board during the meetings which are spread throughout the country to attract members to stay involved. Generally we have the Annual Meeting in the fall, and a spring meeting in Chicago. 

Lisle Board

Lisle has a Board of Directors which meets twice yearly to conduct the business of the organization. These individuals are elected to three year terms during the Annual Meeting. Each year a “class” of candidates is considered for election so that approximately 1/3 of the board is new each year. If you are interested in running for a board position please contact the Lisle office. The board and its committees transact all of the business of the corporation either during the board meetings or by electronic collaboration.

Nominations for board membership are accepted by the Nominating committee of the board. Board members are elected during the Annual meeting each year. The organization is always interested in attracting individuals who are prepared to contribute to helping the organization fulfill on the vision of its founders. 

Board Meetings

The Lisle board meets twice each year. Once in the fall with the Annual Meeting sandwiched between, and once in the late winter/spring, usually in Chicago, IL.

Current Lisle Board Members

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Lisle Board of Directors

The Lisle board, according to the By-Laws serves as the governing body of Lisle. Click here for the full Bylaws. The By-Laws, starting with Article Five, say:


Lisle Publications are published on a regular basis.


The Lisle Archives are housed at the University of Toledo.