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Lisle International is a unique non-profit organization that funds small development projects around the world through its Global Seed Fund. Its distinctiveness comes from how it melds experiential cross-cultural learning with the work itself, placing equal emphasis on relationships and development funding.

Lisle has been ahead of the curve since its inception in 1936, recognizing the essential value of group process interaction in promoting global understanding and sustainable growth at every level, from the individual to nation. These relationships foster a network of people around the world which increases creativity and growth; thus the funding, by itself, is two-dimensional: process and outcomes. Most organizations emphasize one or the other, few do both, and even fewer do so with the commitment and success of Lisle.


  • Lisle Spring board meeting will be held May 6-8 in Chicago.
  • Lisle Global Seed Fund has awarded 5 new grants for 2015-2016. More information about all of the projects will be posted shortly.
  • Winter 2015 Interaction available


Winter Interaction is available

The Winter 2014 Interaction can be read by clicking [here].

If you are not on the mailing list and would like to receive a copy please call the Lisle office at 512-259-4404, or email office@lisleinternational.org.

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Global Seed Grants for 2015 – 2016

The Lisle Board announced five Global Seed Grant awards at the 2015 Annual Meeting in Washington DC. We were delighted to receive more applications than ever for Seed Grants this year -. It was a long and difficult discussion but we feel the grants awarded fulfill our desire to reach out to organizations which extend the Lisle goals of being education focused, intercultural, peace oriented, and diverse or, in a nutshell, demonstrating WORLDMINDEDNESS.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you,Lisle board and especially Anne Hanyner,for your time
    you are so active.Am Brainy Swaibu the founder of Livelihood,
    Education and Health Action Programme.We
    do our work of Uniting
    ongolese,Burundians a
    nd Ugandans(near the camp) through formin
    g sports clubs,Agricultural gro
    ups,Crafts groups,wor
    kshops on sex gender
    based violence,Intercu
    ltural member Saccos,
    Hiv intercultural demonstrations and ou
    r general demonstration garden
    to show different grou
    ps how our natural liquid fertilizers work
    better.We have never
    got any grant and am
    impressed by your goal
    s,many success storie
    s about you.Of all, ineed a Mentor not only to help in applying,but guide us techinically w
    herever need be.Thank
    you,yours,Brainy Swaib
    u,the founder.

    • mark.kinney@utoledo.edu

      Hi Brainy

      I recommend you look at our sister site, grants.lisleinternational.org and decide whether it is appropriate for you to apply for a Lisle Global Seed grant.

  2. Thank you Kinney, isuccessfully completed my request to apply.

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